Just Dance!
When you feel stressed just dance!
Reel Felipe Medina 2020
Reel 2020, Be Kind & Rewind :)
PC Fails
Who hasn’t been in an epic fail of your PC in the least expected moment? Sometimes happens ... this series of failures have happened to many of us, and well friends, they are just old beautiful PCs, it is better to take it with humor.
Attention! funky robots have come to town! with their dances and groove, they are causing a mess! In this Buck project for Oculus, we wanted to give funky vibes to this augmented reality game, with it, their users can be as stylish as these robots.
Modern Life Objects
Current modern life shows us how happiness has made us complacent; and as a result, we have accepted and consumed objects that, even being colorful, friendly, and cute, only show us how cold and distant we’ve become from each other.
Wood Fauna
Nature inspires us, we love toys! What if we put this together and look for cool ways to create something? With you, my fantastic little collection of animated 3D toys! nature invites you to play!
In our great and incredible universe in which we exist, we’re like small pieces of wood floating around a beautiful sun that protects and observes us. With this 3D design, I wanted to pay tribute to the Universe, in the form of colors and toys, to could remember that we are part of his game.
Winter Yeti
A great and friendly Yeti is hanging around in the cold lands of Oculus, along with his penguin friends, playing with the locals. In this project for Oculus that we made at BUCK, we wanted to invite you to play in winter and spend the cold entertained.
Analog Calls
Telephones are machines that have been with us for a long time. Many of them have been scrapped for being out of fashion or for having a broken button. With this series of phones, I wanted to rescue them and make them work (even mechanically). Answers! they are calling you!
Social Media
How would social media be like, if they were moved like mechanical toys? With this series of 3D designs, I wanted to represent how analog virtuality and its mechanisms would look like (in case the power goes off one day).
Animated Artifacts
So many objects living with us, one day they will come to life and greet us with their colors and a big smile. In this series, I wanted to share their entertaining choreographies, to could be ready when our machines say "good morning!" to us.
I wanted to share with you some “Not selected versions Proposal” that we made at BUCK for Oculus. A sample of the value of always keeps trying, participating, and appreciating the process we build together.
Robots in Poncho
Because robots with ponchos are cool :)
Black Eyed Peas
Ring the Alarm, Art Direction, style frames + animation Mixing 2D and 3D collage, darkness, golden tones, and using the aesthetics and graphics of newspapers and vintage posters, I wanted to capture the strength of the revolution.
Nike Lebron16
Jitu Studio China Art Direction, style frames + animation Colors, energy, strength, dynamics, and power present in these illustrations were inspired by Lebron James' stunning game. Project for "Jitu Studio", for Nike.
Picturelab USA Art Direction & style frames Communicate in a friendly and fun way the teamwork, was the main purpose of these illustrations for the “Gong” app, in this project for Picturelab
Sogo Xmas
Carbon HongKong Art Direction & style frames. Think in Christmas, is imagine fantastic and magic factories, gifts that bring us happiness and join us together. In this 3D design project for Carbon, you can feel the Holiday spirit that you can find in Sogo, Hong Kong.
Carbon HongKong Art Direction, style frames + animation At K11 Art Mall, it’s important to know what, where, how, and with whom to make your visit a unique experience. That was what we wanted to share with you in this 3D design project for Carbon, Hong Kong.
Campo Viejo
DAF Chile Art Direction, Style frames + Animation Wine is an experience full of colors, sensations, and flavors. In this 2D design project for Campo Viejo vineyard, that we carried out with DAF office, we wanted to reinterpret wine experience and capture it in these style frames and illustrations.
MTV Wild'nOut ( Designer’s cut)
Fox&Co NEW ZEALAND Art Direction & Style Frames. These style frames we made with Fox & Co for MTV, catch up with freestyle, rap, and hip hop; in order to get closer with their remarkable style, dynamism, rhythm, trendy colors and the feeling of moving together to the rhythm of verses.
Dreambox ISTAMBUL Art Direction & Style Frames
Wearealive DUBAI Art Direction & Style Frames
BasetwoMedia CANADA Art Direction & Style Frames. DNA and science can be an entertaining, interesting, and dynamic world with much to discover. In this infographic that we made with BasetwoMedia, we wanted to give it a twist to how complex these issues may seem to us, seeking to make them progressively accessible and understandable for everybody.
A Season With
FarmerBrown USA Art Direction & Style Frames. Makes sport look like something that can be done with style, dynamics, and the excitement of comics was the focus of these style frames; made for the FarmerBrown studio, for Showtime.